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Women getting a Facial
Warm Stone Layout on Back
Marilyn had suggested doing a hot stone massage on my constant tight neck and shoulder muscles. 
The hot stones started to feel  amazing almost immediately!! The pain I felt in my neck before the massage has now gone away. I can turn my neck all the way to the left with no pain, and put my left arm pretty high up behind my back, which I could not do before. I feel as if my whole body has come alive. I equated the hot stones to feeling like a piece of hot toast that you just put butter on, you could really feel the heat penetrate deeply into your muscles. I could actually feel the blood and oxygen flowing from my head to my toes. I felta sense of being a totally new person!! I also felt all the toxins in my body were trying to leave as quickly as possible.  I will definitely be back for more!
You Rock!!
Susan Sepaul
Continential Airlines Flight Attendant
Quebec, Canada
Marilyn is just wonderful... she undid years of knots and cramps in my neck and shoulder area using massage, and I fell like a new person! After one of her facials my face felt and looked as smooth as glass.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of some relaxing and professional care. When you walk into her NEW space at Spatini's Day Spa it is absolutely beautiful and calming!
Houston, Texas
On a recent trip to San Antonio I booked in at the El Tropicano and the best part of my stay at the hotel was my massage with Marilyn.  Talk about fantastic!  I had a wonderful deep-tissue massage and Marilyn's welcoming demeanor and soothing presence really made a difference in helping me relax after a long and stressful day.  If I lived in the area I'd be over to her Monte Vista Skin Care and Massage Spa all the time!
Nicole P.
Kileen, Texas
For a number of years, I have treated myself to a weekly massage in order to manage pain from degenerative spinal arthritis.  Until Marilyn started to treat me, I didn't know what a trigger point therapy was, and how mere pressure.. along with heat and massage... could relieve my neck and back pain. This lady knows her stuff and readily shares her gift of healing.  She is truly a blessing to me.
Bobbye Porter
San Antonio, TX
"Marilyn offers a very nice set of services including some the are just right for the coming season- be sure to stop by for a Raindrop Technique" during the upcoming Cold and Flu season. You will be back for more! "RaindropTexas of Dallas, TX on September 03, 2008
Raindrop Therapist
Dallas, Texas
I have been a long time client of Marilyn's who has provided me with professional therapeutic massage services for approximately 9 years.  During this time she has continually updated her knowledge and experience.  I had a hip replacement in 2003 and she has been instrumental in my recovery.  She has provided me with various techniques and exercises that were consistently productive and more healing than other professionals in her field.  I feel that her success is due to her continued knowledge and care to help people.  Thanks, Marilyn for your incredible gifted hands.
Buster Sherry
Real Estate Appraiser
San Antonio, Tx.
One day when I awoke my left arm was sore and hurt anytime  it moved.  I went to the VA hospital and after running every possible  test for my heart, said it appears to be a muscle spasm.    I had not realized that while attending graduate school, as the semester went on my baggage got heavier and heavier, and apparently I wasn’t packing myself correctly. My son recommended Marilyn Courchesne with Monte Vista Skin Care & Massage.  Marilyn was able to see me right away, at her Monte Vista studio;  the pain was becoming excruciating. She began with the oils of and ice... massaging my left shoulder and arm... taking the pain  away in no time at all.  By the end of the quarter-hour session, what was once overwhelming, and annoying painful, was now usable with movement. I was extremely pleased with the service, and hope to schedule another appointment soon.
Richard, San Antonio, Tx