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All body massages are a FULL 60 minutes and are not shorten to 50 minutes unlike some Spa's.


One of the most relaxing and definitely the most enjoyable massages.  Promotes relaxation, increased circulation, and melts away of muscular tension and discomfort.  When toxins are flush out you are left with a feeling of lightness and well-being.

  • 60 minutes                    $65
  • 90 minutes                    $95
  • 120 minutes                  $120

  • ADD ON:  Foot  Peppermint Scrub and Mask      $15
  •                  Special treat for tired, achey feet

  • ADD ON:  Face Cleanse, exfoliate & mask             $20
  •                  Gives the face that beautiful radiant glow

  • ADD  ON:  Aromatherapy & hot stone On             $12                                back,neck,shoulders. Warm stones                                                   relax the muscles on a much deeper level


A couples massage is receiving a relaxing swedish or deep tissue massage together in the same room.  It allows two people to completely relax together and is given by two professional licensed massage therapist. It's for lovers, friends, mom, and daughters. It aids in reconnecting and having a wonderful experience together.

Great way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or just because!!  

Couples Massage of Man and Women receiving massage.
  • 60 minutes                    $189
  • 90 minutes                    $229
  • 120 minutes                  $289

  • ADD ON:  Foot  Peppermint Scrub and Mask   $15
  •                   Special treat for tired, achey feet

  • ADD ON:  Face Cleanse, exfoliate, &  mask   $20
  •                   Gives the skin that beautiful radiant glow

  • ADD ON:  Aromatherapy & Hot stones on back, neck, &                        shoulders. Warm stones sooth and relax muscles                    on a  deeper level.  $10


Enjoy and experience the rejuvenating effects of deep tissue massage. Therapeutic in nature, as opposed to relaxing.  These slow, deep movements are used to release muscle tension, increased range of motion, and increased circulation.
Deep Tissue massage or Swedish massage

  • 60 Minutes                   $75
  • 90 Minutes                   $105
  • 120 Minutes                 $130

  • ADD ON:  Foot Scrub and Mask   $15
  •                   Special treat for tired, achey feet

  • ADD ON:  Face Cleanse, exfoliate, &  mask   $20                   Gives the skin that radiant glow

  • ADD ON:  Aromatherapy & hot stones on back, neck,  &                       shoulders.  Warm stones sooth and relax muscles                   on a deeper level.  $10

 A blissful 60 minutes of relaxation using heated, smooth river stones.  Tightness and soreness easily melts away as warm stones are glided along the body.  The penetrating of the warm stones relaxes the entire body from head to toe.

  • 60 minutes                  $125
  • 90 minutes                  $145

Pregnancy Massage

Massage therapy during pregnancy is a wonderful complementary choice for prenatal care.  It is a healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness.  Massage relieves many of the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as backaches, stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and edema (or swelling).

       60 minutes                    $75
       90 minutes                    $95    

Outcall massage may vary according to distance.  Please call 210 291 9912.