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Fall Season Facial Treatments

Cherry Chocolate Facial - Great for Valentine's Day!  This is Cupid’s favorite!

Love is in the air with this “made-for-each-other” cherry and chocolate duo. This perfect couple will warm your skin and tantalize with the indulgent scents of cherry and chocolate.  Exfoliate and brighten the skin with the antioxidant and brightening benefits of the cherry enzyme. Perfect for normal and combination skin. It promotes deep hydration that protects from environmental damage while relieving the surface signs of aging. 

Cider Facial   

This warm Spiced Cider Facial is a nourishing anti-aging treatment that has a beautiful medley of fall scents such as nutmeg, cinnamon and crisp apples.  Apples are high in Vitamin C and contain potent antioxidants as well as naturally-occurring malic acid (AHA) to assist in mild exfoliation. Nutmeg and cinnamon neutralize free radicals. It will hydrate, firm and improve skin tone and suppleness.Including a Clove Hydrating Mask: A creamy mask great for hydrating and infusing nourishment into the skin.  Includes arm, hand, and shoulder massage.

Add on:  Ultrasonic spatula for extractions, extra exfoliation and penetration of serums.    $10
   *Clarifying Mask Treatment  $75
Ideal for helping to improve acne, breakout-prone and sluggish, dull complexions.  Refines skin texture and brings new brightness and freshness to the skin. A  20% salicylic blend of cherry extract and other natural ingredients. 

 Therapeutic Masks
The therapeutic mask series provides options for every skin type and condition.  Keratolytic action, antioxidant and anti-inlammatory activity, and deep hydration are possible with these advanced clinical masks.

PCA Skin Peels are Results-Oriented
Hyperpigmentation Peel  $75 to $90
Anti-aging Peels $85
Acne Peels  $85
Sensitive Skin Peels 

Enhanced Jessner's Peels

 All four TCA solutions are exceptional for the treatment of acne, hyperpigmentation, agingskin, fine lines and wrinkles.
Salicylic Acid Treatments

 These treatments create mild occlusion to enhance absorption of the vitamins, antioxidants and rich actives into the skin for maximum benefits. 
         *Smoothing Body Peel   
 This treatment is an excellent choice for promoting an even skin tone and clear complexion on the arms, legs, back, chest, hands and feet. 

Peels Range from $75 to $95 depending on type of peel.  Packages are Available (Purchase Series of 5 & get 6 one FREE).

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